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Ratchet Lashing Belt

China Ratchet Lashing Belt Suppliers

Ratchet Lashing Belt/ratchet Lashing Strap is a towing belt,is also a wolrd-wide popular cargo control equipment.

It is usually consist of a ratchet buckle,polyester(sometimes polypropylene)strap,End Fittings(Double J Hooks,Flat Hooks,S Hooks,stud fittings,etc.)

Ratchet lashing belt has very powerful strength,when it is well hooked,it protects appliance or heavy cargos from moving or falling,and it's easy to dismantle.

The strap of it are tend to be 1'',1.5'',2'',3'' or the bigger one,4''.The racteht buckles and end fittings has the same width so as to make a combination.